Monday, 26 November 2012

Have Sex in the Butterfly Position

Have Sex in the Butterfly Position Are you interest for ultimate sexual position?.Look no further. This is the silver bullet, the one that is damn near guaranteed to get the woman off every time. Why is this position so good? It is all a matter of angles. Because of the angle of the male's penis and the woman's body, the male is able to stimulate the woman's g-spot very well with his penis during sex. It does not take too much of this stimulation to get the woman leaving finger nail marks down the males arms. Why is it called the butterfly position? Who knows, your body probably looks like a butterfly in some weird convoluted fashion. All that matters is that it works and it is probably something you've never tried before.
How do you do it This is not exactly the easiest position in the world to perform. It is not the most difficult that there is, but it is definitely up there. The position is done by having the woman lie on her back. Her hips and back are then elevated by the males arms as he lifts her vagina so that it lines up with his penis. It is good to have about a foot distance between the male's penis and the platform the woman is lying on. This can be found on a bed for example. The male stands off the bed while he lifts the woman lying on it up to his height. When the woman is at the right height, just her upper back and head should be resting on the bed still. The male then slides into her and thrusts. Because of the angles involved, it is unlikely that the male will manage to get very deep at all. This is a good thing, the result is that his thrusting power is aimed directly at the G-Spot. What does he do? It is the male's job to do most of the work in this position. Begin by lifting your partner off the bed or whatever surface is being used. Grab her by the hips or under her buttocks in order to do this better. Position her vagina so that it is about the same height as your penis. Place the penis at the outside of the vagina and then slowly begin thrusting forward. This will cause the penis to push against the top wall of the vagina, thus stimulating the G-Spot. The male may also wish to vary his thrusting pattern and depth in this position. The man may want to start by doing 3-4 shallow thrusts followed by one deep full thrust and work his way towards many deep thrusts followed by 1-2 shallow ones. What does she do? There isn't much for the woman to actually do while in this position. The main thing she should do is to pay attention to where her legs and feet are. A very common place for them while in this position is on top of the male's shoulders or just coming off the male's mid-section. Try to support your own body in whatever way possible in order to take some of the stress off your partner.

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